Infinitely Adjustable...

About the Company

In 1989, Michael Akrep started a company called Specialties Right Now; designing and manufacturing rigging
hardware for bands, sound & lighting companies, and trade show exhibits. Specialties Right Now incorporated
in 1994 as Polar Focus, Inc.

Early inquiries led Polar Focus to begin designing and manufacturing custom configured audio rigging
systems that form a complete transition between the roof structure and the loudspeakers, in addition to a full
line of components. We use our patented products, such as the Zbeam®, first sold in 1998; in combination
with traditional materials such as wire rope assemblies and shackles, to produce a system that is easy to
learn, use, and install.

At Polar Focus, we promise to help our customers on the path from hardware need to hardware success,
while staying safe and economical. We can interpret design requirements to achieve innovative yet simple
results. Sometimes a complicated problem can be solved with something startlingly simple. Bringing that
result to our customers is our highest reward. From that reward flows good customer value, while
conforming to the required engineering standards and practices.

Polar Focus doesn’t just sell brackets, we help our customers achieve a complete transition between
professional loudspeakers and an architectural structure.

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