OBO-RM-EXTSPR • Extender Center Pickpoint For Bose Roommatch


Designed to be used with the Bose® RMXLNG and RMXSRT extender bars, the OBO-RM EXTSPR allows for a center pick point between the extender bars. The OBO-RM-EXTSPR fastens to the top pick holes of the RMXLNG or RMXSRT, allowing for 9 discrete central pick positions. Included ¾” Grade 5 hardware is used to attach the OBO-RM EXTSPR to the extender bars.

The entire spreader has the ability to tilt about its axis such that the center eye is always in the plane of lift; providing a safe lifting point over a range of pick up angles.

If you`re a user or installer of Bose® products and you don`t see what you need for your audio rigging, please let us know. We frequently design and build custom systems. Bose® and RoomMatch® are Registered Trademarks of Bose® Corporation.

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