PM2-10-GR • Pole Mount

Polar Focus PM2-10-Z Pole Mount for small diameter poles. Our Pole Mounts are super strong and the best in the business. No flimsy band clamps!


Polar Focus PM2-10-GR Pole Mount. The PM2-10-GR is a pole mount product designed to be attached to poles as small as 4″ in diameter. It is primarily used to mount one, or two, weather-rated loudspeakers that utilize a yoke or U-bracket. Great for pole mounting speakers, lights, or video screens on permanent poles or poles in tents.

Polar Focus PM2-10-GR is mounted to the pole with 3/16″ rigging rated stainless steel chain within a high pressure UV rated rubber hose. The chain is tightened by an internal bolt carrier, allowing seamless installation and removal. The contact surface between the pole and the mount is protected from corrosion and abrasion by a UV rated high pressure rubber hose. No metal components contact the pole, preserving the finish of the poles and complying with the latest warranty requirements. Polar Focus Pole Mounts are better able to withstand fatigue and torsional loads than other mounting systems that use banding.

Working Load Limit is 120 lbs. statically loaded. The estimated projected area without speakers or yokes is 46 square inches.

The PM2-10-GR can accept a variety of combinations to suit site specifications. Yoke mounted speakers can be attached to the top and bottom of the beam. Multiple mounts may be attached to a single pole at the same height to meet high concentration demands. The PM2-10-Z will accept any yoke up to 20″ in width that utilizes standard ½” or M10 axle hardware. Holes within the PM2-10-GR allow audio wiring to be run through the interior of the mount for a clean installation.

The PM2-10-GR comes with a standard zinc rich base layer powder coat and a light gray UV resistant powder coat finish for corrosion resistance. Custom powder coat colors may be specified as required for particular installations. The PM2-10-Z and attached yokes may be made tamper resistant with the addition of a single tri-groove nut. As with all Polar Focus products, the PM2-10-GR has a 10:1 safety factor, and is designed and manufactured in the USA.

The PM2-10-GR is most effective on tapered poles, but can be used on cylindrical poles in certain conditions. Easily fits tapered poles from 4″ diameter to 18″ diameter. Chain and hose kits sold separately depending on pole diameter.

Call for larger diameter or non-tapered poles. Standard finish is hot dip galvanized for corrosion resistance. Powder coating in your choice of color is also available as a secondary finish. Normal wind rating is for 60 MPH, but other ratings are available. Polar Focus PM1-17-G, shown below, is also available for larger diameter poles. Here’s a short video showcasing the PM2 Pole Mount.

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