WMV-2226-250-G • Surface Wall Mount, Galvanized

Polar Focus Surface Wall Mount for speaker rigging. We offer a full line of audio rigging equipment for professional loudspeakers and line arrays.


Polar Focus Surface Wall Mount WMV-2226-250-G is a two-piece unit with removable arm for use on the surface of a wall, shown here with included lateral braces for seismic and wind-loading conditions.

The WMV-2226-250-G is galvanized for corrosion resistance. This product is great for outdoor and seismic-rated applications. Our lateral brace kit allows this product to be suitable for use in facilities in states where there is earthquake activity.

This product includes a spacer with the axle kit at the end of the cantilever arm. This allows the yoke or Zbeam® half (not included with this kit) to rotate freely without interference from the lateral braces.

Zbeam Wall Mount products have a Working Load Limit (WLL) of 250 pounds and a 10:1 design factor. A variety of accessories can be attached to the end of the arm, including Zbeam halves and yokes (U-brackets). Please note not all wall structures are necessarily strong enough to support this mount with the 250 lb load and in wind load conditions.

Pro audio rigging design, roof attachment, supplemental structure, sales, support and PE stamped drawings in any US State and Canada provided by Polar Focus. Call us today for more information at (413) 586-4444.

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