PM3-IV6-34 • Pole Mount for Community IV6

Polar Focus Pole Mount for Community IV6. We offer a full line of audio rigging equipment and hardware for Community loudspeakers and line arrays.


The PM3-IV6-34 is an aftermarket kit that allows efficient mounting of Community IV6 weather rated modular vertical arrays onto conventional lighting poles used at many athletic facilities. With this mount, IV6 loudspeakers may be used in groups of three or four. The mounted clusters have a wind rating* of 129 mph (207 kph), which includes Class 1, 2, and 3 hurricanes.

The 249 lbs (113 kg) PM3-IV6-34 kit fits conventional round cylindrical and tapered poles with a minimum 10” (25.4 cm) diameter at the mounting height. The kit is restricted to mount no higher than 25% of the total pole height to avoid overloading the pole structure without prior approval of a structural engineer. For example, the cluster may be mounted no higher than 22.5’ (6.9m) on a 90’ (27.4m) tall pole.

The PM3-IV6-34 kit is a two part system. Each part is purchased separately. The first part contains the mount body, hardware to mount the cluster into a yoke (a.k.a. U-bracket), the yoke, a stabilization ring to provide high wind stability, and a lockbar to prevent unintentional movement in the tilt or vertical axis. The second part of the system is three heavy duty stainless steel chains each in hydraulic hose, used to attach the mount body to a pole. The chain and hose kits are offered in a number of size ranges. Forged turnbuckle components integral with the mount body are used to tighten the chains for a secure attachment to a pole.

The installation procedure requires a material lifting crane to lift the 121 lbs (55 kg) mount body while one or two technicians complete the assembly steps from a personnel crane. The mount is equipped with a center of gravity lifting point to facilitate safe and easy lifting. The assembled cluster in its yoke also has a matching pair of center of gravity lifting points. The initial direction of the cantilever arm must be within 15 degrees of the desired compass heading for the finished cluster.

* This wind rating is based on static wind speed and direction. This rating does not take into account dynamic wind speed and direction effects, nor the tendency of a pole to oscillate in high winds.

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