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Polar Focus Rocker Zbeam for line array rigging. We offer a full line of audio rigging equipment for professional loudspeakers and line arrays.


[This is a discontinued product. It is the forerunner of products such as the the Spine Frame Adapter™ (product code SFA) and the motor Zbeam (product code MZB)].

The Rocker Zbeam is a speaker rigging device used to control pan and tilt for line arrays in portable applications, or any other two hoist supported speaker cluster. The upper two thirds of Rocker Zbeams are standard. The lower bottom tube is built to match the center to center distance of the two support points on a specified loudspeaker system.

The Polar Focus Rocker Zbeam is the new state of the art for arena rigging of line arrays. It also works great for two motor rigs of conventional trapezoidal enclosures. It is protected under three pending patents, and is the culmination of years of research and development.

With conventional arena rigging techniques, a two motor rig is usually suspended by one dead hang motor point, and a carefully bridled second point. The aim of the cluster, and therefore the accuracy of the audio coverage, is dependent on the accuracy of the bridled rigging point. In order to achieve the necessary accuracy, the bridled point may need to be rehung or adjusted several times, delaying the completion of the load in.

When using a Rocker Zbeam, only two dead hang points are required. Or if bridles must be used, the accuracy of the bridles is much less important. In either case, the cluster can be quickly rotated to achieve the proper horizontal (pan) angle. The result is an expected increase by a factor of five for both speed and accuracy.

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