Infinitely Adjustable...

How our Products Work

Polar Focus Audio Rigging products are designed to allow for the focus of a loudspeaker or cluster in a polar coordinate frame. Polar coordinate frames have parameters of pan and tilt in typical loudspeaker terminology, latitude and longitude in navigation, pitch and yaw in aeronautics, and θ1 and θ2 (pronounced theta one and theta two) in calculus. The Polar Focus logo is a mathematical definition of pan and tilt.

Prior to the development of the Polar Focus product line, common audio rigging techniques and equipment resulted in very poor ability to aim loudspeakers. Aiming control frequently resulted in undesirable interactions between the pan and tilt angles of different speakers within a speaker cluster. Most Polar Focus products separate pan and tilt control to allow ease of aiming while under load, with no undesirable mechanical interactions. Modern loudspeakers and line arrays have precision dispersion pattern control that requires this fast and accurate aiming.

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