Loudspeaker Brand or Model Specific Products

Polar Focus products for loudspeaker brands, or model specific OEM rigging.  Many loudspeaker applications require products dedicated to a specific loudspeaker brand or model. While it is efficient for speaker installation applications to use generically applicable products like the Zbeam, those products cannot meet every challenge.

This group is for those products dedicated to a specific speaker model or brand. Many products in this group started as custom products. Polar Focus manufactures products in support of Community Professional Loudspeakers, Bose Professional, Fulcrum Acoustic, Meyer Sound, QSC, Mackie, JBL Professional, Electrovoice, Danley Sound Labs, L’Acoustics, Renkus-Heinz, and EAW loudspeakers.

If you’re a user or installer of pro audio loudspeakers and you don’t see what you need for your audio rigging, please let us know. We can help! We frequently design and build custom rigging systems. Call us at (413) 586-4444.

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