CBA-3 • Custom Beam Attachment • Type 3

Polar Focus Custom Beam Attachment for Zbeam or Yoke on a wood beam. We offer a full line of audio rigging equipment for loudspeakers and line arrays.


Polar Focus Type 3 Custom Beam Attachment for Professional Audio Rigging – made to order. CBA Type 3 attachment to a wood beam provides a rigging point that can mount a Zbeam arm, a yoke (u-bracket), or other components. Parts that attach to the bottom of the CBA Type 3 are sold separately. CBA’s can be manufactured in powder coat black, white or custom colors.

Sometimes there is just no way to safely attach to a roof structure with any stock components for a speaker rigging project. This is especially true when attaching to large laminated or solid wood beams in house of worship installations.

Please note, wood laminated beams are frequently sized slightly off (larger) than the architectural drawings may indicate. Also, a beam at one end of the building may be slightly different than a beam at the other end. We prefer to build to actual measurements of the specific beam under consideration.

Sloped steel beams also may require custom beam attachment since standard beam clamps are not rated for use on sloped beams, and some jurisdictions will not allow for a friction connection on a sloped beam.

Pro audio rigging design, roof attachment, supplemental structure, sales, support and PE stamped drawings in any US State and Canada provided by Polar Focus. Call us today for more information at (413) 586-4444.

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