What We Do

Polar Focus® specializes in providing hardware for transitions between professional loudspeakers and supporting structures.  Supporting structures include roof trusses, I-beams, glue laminated and solid wood beams, walls, scoreboards, lighting trusses, poles, columns, crank up towers, etc. Our normal scope includes all of the hardware from what attaches to the supporting structure, through to what attaches to your professional loudspeakers or line array frame.

We design and manufacture our own proprietary audio rigging hardware such as the Zbeam® product line and the XY Grid® System, as well as our Ultimate Line Array Rigging hardware and components. We also carry popular lines such as Chicago brand shackles and forged hardware, Stagemaker® chain hoists, LiftAll® slings, and Gunnebo Johnson chain products.

The best value we provide to our customers is complete systems designed and packaged for fast and easy installation by your technicians. We can usually place your professional loudspeakers within about an inch of their specified location. Speakers and clusters normally have full pan and tilt control unless otherwise specified.

Polar Focus also offers:

  • Full range of components for customers who do not need complete systems.
  • Technical support for our systems and products.
  • PE stamped drawings for our product scope by a Licensed Structural Engineer, available for all 50 US States and Canada.
  • Consultant Support Program for Professional Audio Designers.
  • Custom products for special installations.
  • Model or brand specific products for loudspeaker OEMs.

On-Site Services:

  • Site survey.
  • Direction of the installation process.


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