WMV-36-500 • Wall Mount

Polar Focus Wall Mount for rigging loudspeakers and line arrays. We offer a full line of audio rigging equipment and hardware.


Polar Focus WMV-36-500 Wall Mount for rigging loudspeakers and line arrays. This product is intended as a companion to the Zbeam, PY0, and YKV products, allowing for almost any Polar Focus line array frame, yoke mounted speaker, or small line array to be wall mounted. This product is designed to be mounted on a load bearing wall that shall be approved by a licensed structural engineer.

Wall mounts may not be installed safely on nonstructural interior partition walls. To determine if a wall is structural; contact a local structural engineer, building inspector, or other qualified individual. The Wall Mount Kit does not include threaded rod or other fasteners to attach to a wall.

The axle kits to mount a standard Polar Focus Zbeam half such as a ZBH-15-550 or a yoke are included. WLL 500 lbs. See the last page of the datasheet for alternate configurations with higher values for the Working Load Limit.

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