OCL-R6F-G • Frame System for Community R6

Community R6 Frame System, Audio Rigging Equipment


This hot dipped galvanized sheet metal frame system allows for the Community R6 speaker to be safely supported and tilted. A characteristic of the R6 speaker is that the interior is manufactured in fiberglass to very tight tolerances. However, the exterior of the R6 unit is hand laid fiberglass, which is irregular from unit to unit.

The OCL-R6F-G product is designed to expand or contract to the unique geometry of each individual loudspeaker exterior geometry. Applying the OCL-R6F-G results in a package that can be supported by 3/4 inch yoke axles for straight forward tilt control. An R6 speaker with the OCL-R6F-G frame system is usually then mounted in a yoke or gymbal frame.

If you`re a user or installer of Community products and you don`t see what you need for your audio rigging, please let us know. We can help! We frequently design and build custom systems.

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